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Sunday, May 31, 2009


OK. I didn't like the way I did on a doll and he is already baked. So what to you do? I took a pair of pliars and pulled off the clay I didn't like. Now what? I'm not sure.

I have been looking at some fabulous Art Doll Magazines. I am amazed at how many different ways there are to make a doll. These are older magazines that were offered by the company for a greatly reduced price(1.99) and I couldn't help myself. I want to do dolls like all of the ones I see. Temptation should not get me though. I know I will only be happy when I find my sculpting niche. And the more ways I go about finding it, the more confused I'll become.

We are having a nice relaxing Sunday. The weather is beautiful and I'm torn between wanting to be in the studio or outside. East Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am torn because I can work in the studio, or go outside and overwork my allergy medicine. The studio wins. I'm getting low on allergy medicine.

I wish I could have dolls from all of the artists I have seen. The studio could be as beautiful as it is outside and all sorts of super people would be in there to talk to. I'm prone to talk to the computer so why not dolls. I have chided Winifred several times for the flat back of her head. She laid down too much as a child. The wonderful Mortimer has been yelled at for having no ears. And Edward Elf has caught bad words for not having better taste in clothes. Now Alarie Fee's shoulders were too big. I will be 64 in July. I hope I can stop making those mistakes by then. And find a whole new set.

Thanks for listening. Have a good and Blessed day.


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