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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Work to do.

I've been sitting at my computer off and on for a while with this pic of my granddaughter in front of me. She seems to be looking off into the distance, perhaps into the future. At least she seems to be. I love this picture because it has so much in the way of possibilities.

That is somewhat how i feel with a blank canvas, or with an armature. So many possibilities. I regret that my vision leads me to see things just as they are and not as they could be. I would love to inject more whimsey into the figures I make. I am trying. I have one I am working on that I just decided to make and let the clay talk. He is truly a strange looking fellow. I'm in the midst of digging around for what Nikki calls bits and bobs of things to use putting him together. I've named him Mayor Murphy. He is imposing in his girth. But odd. Anyway, the mayor is not the one who had a tangle with Mortimer North. (All will be explained as time goes by.)

I've visited many sites and seen a lot of beautiful dolls. One thing that strikes me is that none of the terrific ones are easy to do. They take a lot of care and planning. Another learning process for me. The face is just a small part of the whole doll and though it is important, The doll needs PRESENCE to be really noticeable. So just making a doll is one thing. Making a doll important is quite another. That is what I am studying right now-the difference between just a doll and an important doll. I suppose I fall in love with dolls who have movement or who seem to be telling a story. At first I thought it was enough to give them a name. And it may be enough for some folks. But I needed more to get excited about a figure. It is the story behind the figure that rings my chimes and makes me want to add to and finish the folks. So I go from the pedestrian doll making mode to creating a persona mode and the whole thing becomes exciting.

I am surprised at how very much there is to learn yet in art. And this one is the kicker. I painted. The results were fairly ordinary pictures. What is the difference between the fairly ordinary and the extraordinary? For me it is that the art work takes me further than the surface of the piece. So I am going to start digging below the surface and also below my surface and see what is there.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Good and Blessed day to you.

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Sheryl Parsons said...

Folks love it when you come up with a story to go along with your creation, especially a doll or sculpted piece. Can't wait to see your finished pieces.