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Monday, May 25, 2009

New day to work.

It's Monday. This is supposed to be the first day of the workweek. But how does one who creates art know when the work week begins and ends? I am lucky enough not to have a job outside the home so I don't care. I am beginning the new week welcoming Light and Shadow Studio and Paula Nerhus. I just love meeting new people. Both of these artists are wonderful. Thanks for joining.

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Sheryl Parsons said...

For me, Monday is the start of a new creative week, and Saturday is the end. Sunday is a day of rest and worship for me, a day to refresh, to be uplifted, to unwind, and then Monday I'm ready to get back into it. Does that make my art sound arduous? It isn't, I just get so many things going that I'm bushed by the end of the week and need the break.