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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I made bases. At least I hope I did. I used an air dry clay to begin the bases for my elves. I have never used it before and it was fun to play with. It is heavier by far than paperclay. Of course I will need to use a wooden support base underneath because I fear that the air dry clay will break easily the way I used it. But it will suit my purpose for now. I keep looking at the figures in the books and so many don't need bases. I want to know how to pull that off. So I'll keep looking.

There are a lot of pics in the books I've seen that use everyday objects as bases for the dolls. Some of these are just ingenius. I am loving that idea.

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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I often wonder how they get them to stand.
I did see somewhere where they put little holes in the base of the feet and then they stand the doll on little dowels of wire spikes.
Perhaps this is how.
I suppose if you are going to place a doll in a room and never move it this would be a great way of displaying so it looks like they really stand.
Perhaps Jodi will know the secret to this.
I'm looking forard to seeing pictures of your sculpts.
Nikki x