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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Progress

I probably should label the works in progress as bjc and ajc. I was lucky enough to locate some smips of the Creagers dvd on sculpting the face. I have watched it several times. There are full dvd's available but unfortunately tight finances keep me from purchasing at the present time. Definitely a future purchase. I need the tutoring.

Anyway, the figures displayed are works I am going to finish even if the faces don't look like I want them to. They have not been baked so I can work some more on them. Except for poor Winifred. But she is going to get added to with a bunch of other stuff. I know the items can be rebaked, but I am not willing to see what it would do to the paint, acrylic paint. I am fascinated by the fae and want to do a lot of figures to put around my home to remind me of all the fun and beauty in the world. And one of the figures is dead as a doornail so he is sort of rotting in places. A tribute to my new interest in Halloween.

With the wonderful techniques I have learned from Jodi, I am attempting to make a head that actually looks like a human being. Male or female is not important but it would be nice to be able to do both. On Winifred I made garments of clay but I may not do that on the other figures because I have a couple of fabrics that I can use. Hair? I don't know yet. Eyes? The ones I am going to use are clay. They will be painted with the rest of the figure. I would just love to see who these folks will be.

Next on my list is to learn to take photos of the objects I make so they are shown to advantage. I think my camera will do this but I don't know how yet. I will have to research it to see what I can do.

Thanks for coming and have a good day. I'm sculpting.


Jodi said...

Hi Judy...

I am thrilled that you are sculpting...remember with learn, with learning comes growth... and growth gives freedom to acheive whatever you want to...

Keep up the wonderful work..



P.S. I am always here to offer any help or answer any questions that you might have...

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Judy. Love your sculpts and esecially the pointed ears figures.
Your doing a fab job and have to admire your bravery for working on so many. I've popped my sculpt away for a little while because i dont know what to do next and have become fearful of it again.
Acrylic paint on polymer clay is always fine in the oven. Infact i've found it helpt to bond it to the clay better and hardens it further. Maybe use some scrap clay, and paint acrylic on it and run a test in your oven. Then you can test out whats safe and wahts not.
I have discovered that some varnishes can react on polymer in the oven but not on everything so not totally sure. I know i put some liquid fimo in the oven with varnish on and it went all bubbly if that helps.
Love what you are doing and looking forward to your next post.

JODI said...

Hi Judy...

A good rule of thumb to remember... If you brush or spray something onto baked polymer clay...and it remails 'sticky' or 'tacky' for over 5 is basically 'reacting' with the clay...remove it or better many test samples prior to apply to your actual sculpt.
I got this little fact from the good Chemist at Polyform Company many many many years ago...and it holds true for any polymer product.

Watch also what you use on the baked clay ...many times it may appear to be OK...but over time of with any light exposure it can begin to disintegrate the polymer clay. stay away from acetone based products too.

Some paints can 'bubble' with heat so watch that as well...

Just remember ...solvant based products can react with the clay...but water based products do not...

Happy Sculpting