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Saturday, May 2, 2009

lookin for the groove

I finally have been working more steadily. One of the things I know about myself is that I hate to do something if it won't be as good as I want it to be. I began work on Winifred Wombleford and got her to a point that it was time to bake her. Or so I thought. So I baked her. But the finished product turned out a bit rough and I was somewhat disappointed. I never thought of sanding. I knew that polymer can be sanded to a beautiful shiny finish for jewelry but that was not what I wanted for Winifred. So I began painting her. As an older woman she has wrinkles, salt and pepper hair, and a stocky and buxom body. I gave her a dress with detail. All of this was after baking. But now what. She doesn't look like I want her to look. I would love to have had some wool or something for hair but I don't. I have Winifred to a point of needing to add some non-polymer things to her and I have plenty of stuff for that so that is next. Then there is the seat. All of this is doable but I am still kicking myself for not sanding and it is definitely too late for that. I watched Liz Lomax's video and learned a lot from it. Boy is there a lot more for me to learn. I had said that not having money created a learning experience for me. So far, my improvising isn't so terrific. We'll see if things get better.

I have 3 other works-in-progress. I am working on Mortimer North, the dead dandy and took Nikki's lead by coloring him before baking. Of course there is now the need to dress him. And I need to decide how he will be presented and get a start on that. I have decided to use cereal boxes for walls behind the figures instead of foam core board because I have cereal boxes and I don't have foam core board. Anyway, I will get to practice mache too. I have a picture in my mind of how Mortimer should look but of course, I am back to the conundrum: will I be able to do it?

Next on my list is an elf, gnome thing. He is sort of cute. I haven't figured out how to make a figure look mean. Working on it. I have been poring over the figures on the blogs to see how others do it. Not trying to copy. Just to learn. Anyway, I love anything about the Fae world and all of the creatures we know about and those just in our dreams. I use this world often as an escape from harsh reality. My reality isn't always harsh but when I reach my limit, fantasy is a welcome break.

My 4th figure is also male(I like men) and he has a big nose, a not so great body and a smile. Again he isn't mean. Don't know what sort of creature he will be. I guess I'll have to let him tell me as I go along.

Another problem I have in the sculpting is lips. Don't know how to do them. I think I am going to scour some of the better clay books and see what I can find. I personally have small lips, which I don't like. Maybe that is why I can't seem to put a good lip on a doll.

If anyone out there has a good source for small pieces of fabrics, not quilting fabrics, please let me know. The figures are quite naked at the present. Not anatomically correct, but that is doable if necessary. I would love to make cloth clothing for some of the dolls.

Monday I will be publishing some photos of the figures I am working on. As usual, I take all suggestions and love the persons giving them. Thanks for listening.



nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I'm glad to see you are also experimenting and sounds like you have lots of the go.
I would just keep working on them and follow your instincts. I think instincts with making dolls is the best tool you have.
I too nose around blogs trying to learn how to sculpt, i save pictures of other peoples work that i see in the various making stages and also finished work i love.
I dont copy but use them as my refernce and pick and choose from each and somehow i've got off to a reasonable good start.
I think you are doing a wonderful job.
I tell you what is a must though. Good modelling tools and top quality ones. I only have 2 sculpting tools so far and and some hand made ones from polymer.
You can make your own tools with clay if needed. I've even made a stylus and attached the little round bit onto a cocktail stick and baked.
You can make any tool you like with clay so perhaps this will help. Just think what you want to be able to do with a tool and then make the tool.
I've also discovered that water colour brushes work best for the pastels on the clay when the clay is unbaked. But again i'm not 100% sure.
You mentioned about lips. I'm no expert but what i have been doing is making a sausage shape and making the ends pointy. Then i stick the top lip on and smoth the lip egd into the face. Then i attach another sausage shape as the bottom lip and smooth this down towards the chin.
If you nose at Jodi Creagers blog she has a link to her face sculpting tutorial. If you watch all of them on You tube iy may come in helpful.
You can also get tiny amounts of material at the shops. Yesterday i bought loads and loads and now have enough for quite a few dolls.
In total it came to £15 which is about i think $35 so you can pick it up cheap. How bout second hand shops and looking through the used clothes. These kind of shops always have a nice variety. Ladies silk scarves i would imagine be ideal because they are nice and thin.
Looking forward to your new pics and all for figures.

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. Your new creations sound intriguing. I am anxious to see. In reading your blog, I feel for you. I know every time I begin something it is always a new experience. Sometimes it just flows and comes out exactly the way I want. Other times it takes on a life of its own and turns out better for it. Then there are times when it just never is what I want or like. I think being an artist takes a lot of courage sometimes. But with each one we grow and it sounds like you are changing and growing with your art. Good luck!