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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Color again

Color sometimes seems to belong to children. We dress our little children in wonderful color, like Anabelle, my adorable granddaughter. The hat is so cute but we wouldn't think of something like that on our adult selves. So why not? Color makes me feel lots better and yet I wear black. Of course I keep hearing that if you are heavy, wear dark colors. Well I do. Why? Everyone knows I am heavy anyway. I neeeeed more color. The whole world turned colors this Spring and going outside was a pleasure. Now the world is a million shades of green, all of which are soothing. There are flowers in flowerbeds everywhere. Multicolored birds fly about. I wear black. It is summer here. Time for the blue of the ocean and sky, the yellows of the butterflies, the orange of the sunset, and the purples too. I am caught up in making dolls yet I see myself making an elf with brown and greenish tan. I need color, lots of it. My elves may wear woodsy colors but someone in my brood of works in progress will be colorful. I promise.

Thanks for listening and have a good and blessed day.

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