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Monday, January 17, 2011

I should have done this years ago.

I have learned more about myself in the last 2 weeks than I did in 65 years. I am so happy that I found the fashion blogs. I think I am following about 100 of them. It all started with Advanced Style and there is a reason that one got me. The people in the blog pics are wonderful looking and have a passion for life that is really inspiring. Ari Seth Cohen is terrific for putting so much time into this. I had descended in to old age hell before finding the blog.

I have a lot in pain now and there isn't much I can do about it except have surgery so I am concentrating on other things. I did LaMaze prepared childbirth and learned to use my mind to block out pain to a certain extent. (I had an almost 11 pound baby without anesthetic.) But that is not the point. The point is that I learned that some pain and depression caused by pain can be dealt with by finding things to be passionate about and taking the mind away from the pain. I have chosen several things to be passionate about. One of them is the improvement of my appearance and of my body. I am going to see what can be done about the weight, the pain, the BP, Cholesterol, the muscle loss, the eating habits, the fashion, and the way I present myself in general. I am going to make myself get out more and I will keep on taking the pics. But I must admit--- before I buy any more clothing I will be taking a much closer look at what I am wearing now. I think you can truthfully say I am stuck in a rut.

I also am more interested in looking at the pics I am posting and seeing, really seeing, what the things I am wearing really look on me. The sublimation top in two of the pics is a favorite of mine because I love the colors. It looks simply awful on me. I have been in the habit of purchasing clothes that I have not tried on. If it looks big enough and I like the colors, I will wear it. If you like the top, it is a 3X and will soon be on ebay. It tells me that I am not looking at myself with a critical eye. I can criticize others for how they dress. And I do. But not looking critically at myself has been a huge mistake. It is a mistake I want to fix.

I colored my hair darker. I love the look of really short hair and done in white blonde. I love the long hair. I look bad in really light blonde hair. It makes me look older. Because it's close to gray I guess. Anyhow, I decided to change and I did it. I am getting it cut again Thursday. I can't wait. The hairdresser I go to is truly wonderful.

The outfit I wore day before yesterday is simply a button down ethnic top. Again, I love the colors and I wore an orange necklace with it. Orange has not been one of the colors I wore so it is new in my wardrobe. The top however is an old one and has many colors to accesorize with. I look at the pics and the orange pops more than I thought it would and I like that. The pics are really helping me to see what is really there.

I really can't list where I got the clothes I wore in the pics because I have had some of them so long that I don't remember. I will tell when I get something new and I'll try to remember some of the things I already have.

Thanks for listening.


Ari said...

Thanks so much, so happy that I COuld inspire you. YOu in turn inspire me and keep me posting.

Ari Seth Cohen

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I love the Advanced Style blog as well. Most of those women are 25-30 years older than I am, but they put me to shame with their style. I've been digging through my closet and mixing up combinations of colors and textures that I'd have never thought of grouping before and you know what? It's fun! And it makes me feel bold, and powerful, and outtamyway! I know a lot about surgery, and pain, and illness. Color and style really help dealing with those dark days. Keep at it! You're never too old for anything, and we now know this for sure, thanks to Ari!

Anonymous said...

So pleased that you are feeling positive and are able to be critical with yourself. All too often we just shrug off the bad things we don't like about ourselves, but comes a time when you have to deal with them, take photos, look at them as an outsider would and see what is wrong. If I can say this without offending, I still think you would find tailored trousers more slimming than soft ones which fall in folds and cling sometimes. Still think you have such a pretty face though....:)