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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes not so much

Saturday I was just happy. Really happy. I had been shopping. I wore a top in pinky orange and the rest black. But for shopping. It was comfy. As Stacy and Clinton say,"I don't like the word comfy." Well for shopping I love the word comfy. I can't afford high end clothing and I desperately needed bras. I went to Steinmart where there was a sale. The size I need is 42DDD and those were nearly impossible to find. So for a while I will be crammed into the over the shoulder boulder holder and I will probably be gasping for breath.

After hitting up Steinmart, Kohls. Got some tops that are less cutesy and more usable. And I'll be showing them. They are in the smaller of my size range and they will be great to use with sweaters and jackets. And since I sew, they will go down at least a size with me. Hot dog.

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