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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OK Got a cold.

Got a chest cold. And it's raining and going to snow here. Lovely because I have to go out today. And I am not going to dress up. And I am not going to subject the red nose and eyes to a camera shot. And I am going to wear my huge red fleece coat that I thrifted for 5 dollars so as not to get worse. I look like a big red fuzzy ball in the coat and I love it.

You know how there are things that you have in your history that you remember as if it were yesterday. 53 years ago in the 5th grade I had a tweed straight skirt, now known as pencil skirt) and I wore it with a sweater set. When I look back on that I think I would love to still have that outfit. And that figure. I was pretty well as tall as I am now in the 5th grade.

And when I was in high school I saw a coat at Miller's, (now Dillards) that looked like a big red shag rug with 2 inch wooden buttons. I loved that coat with all my heart and when it went on sale the day after Christmas I was able to get my beloved coat. It was a fun coat, a great memory.

One thing I have fought all my life is the lack or originality in many of my endeavors. I tried to wear high heeled shoes when I was a young woman because I had a friend who wore a lot of Famolare wedge sandals. I lived in Florida at the time and boy was that girl in style. Tight Gloria Vanderbelt jeans with nicely fitted tops and the wedges made her look top of the line. I do envy well.

Then I discovered Vogue Magazine and found out, darn it, that top of the line was nothing like the things I saw in good ole Ft. Myers Fl in the late 60's. Of course the hippie generation was also there to confuse me and I have been confused ever since. I have a terrible problem with short term memory loss and an inability to focus. And if I become interested in something, I throw money at it, purchase everything I could possibly get and wonder why I am not satisfied. Well this fashion blogging thing has taught me one really important thing. What I am not satisfied with is myself, my health, and my body. All the great clothes in the world won't change that and I need to keep up the good work and look further into what will fix the problems.

Thanks for listening.


Sabine Breaux said...

You. Are. Lovely.

Maybe we're both a little squishy around the middle, but that doesn't change the fact that you are funny, smart, articulate and GORGEOUS! You have a terrific smile and I totally envy your jewelry.

The red coat sounds fab and very you. :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Donna said...

Feel better...sending you some e-chicken soup and e-hugs...

Lorena said...

I enjoyed reading this ...
It is truly amazing how we have this great selective memory that actually allows us to remember these things... I have dresses in mind that I wore as a teen
that I would love to know where they ended up at...
I hope you feel better.
In regards to your last comment, as shallow as many may find wardrobe blogging it teaches one and opens eyes on things we would have never thought of.

Judy C said...

For the commemts left, I am grateful. For the things I have learned from the other blogs, there are no words. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well, we are all here to listen, to commiserate, to empathise in some cases. I have memories of clothes I have loved... a long, purple crepe coat, highwayman style with a double cape at the shoulders, tiny tiny buttons down the front I wouldn't have the patience to fiddle with now. But oh I loved it. A cat suit in pale blue silk with the top layer of creamy lace. Of course, I was two stone lighter, forty years younger. That was then, this is now, two stone heavier, forty years older and no longer young enough to wear such clothes, even if I wanted to (definitely not in the case of the cat suit, such a fuss when you needed to pee!). So I adapt, I learn to be happy with the me I am now, the way my hair has thinned but is still titian with a few silver strands (not GREY if you don't mind!), the way my body shape has changed, the weight I have gained which I can do nothing about and was not my fault. I learn to accept me as me, and to hell with what others think. I think you need to adopt the same attitude, and focus on the good things. You can wear strong colours, so many can't. You have the most lovely smile as I keep telling you. So you are older, not as healthy as you would like, can't wear clothes you would like. There are plenty out there you would like and could wear. Spend on a few good items, not lots of cheaper, samey ones. And accessorize, which is something you do well with your jewellery.
And keep smiling....

Judy C said...

Hey Maggie, thanks for the comment. Can you come stay with me for a few weeks. I love your positive attitude. I am still working on mine. And the cold hasn't helped. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. As you say, having a cold doesn't help the way you feel... who looks cute with a red nose, apart from Rudolph of course! And I wonder why it is that women look dreadful, red noses, red eyes and so on when they have a cold, and men never seem to look as bad?

Sabine Breaux said...

And just a tip, but never get a haircut when you have a cold. I was miserable and grumpy about two weeks before my wedding when I went to get my hair trimmed. Ha.

I had to call my husband/then-fiance and say, "Umm, honey? Remember my hair?"

Thankfully, I was still thin enough to pull off a chin-length bob. I tried to go back to that haircut a couple of years ago and ended up looking like an obese chipmunk. *gg*

silvergirl said...

Hey Judy
Thanks for your sweet comments and suggestions
I am feeling much better now and just had one of those moments. LOL
Looks like maybe my phone is going to be okay!
Thanks again

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Hello! I'm the blogger for Street Style SACRAMENTO and I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.

I liked the photo because it is so much NOT about the clothing, but the way the gentleman carried himself, quietly, and very doting on his dog, Princess. And the dog was not to be denied! She insisted on getting her pictures taken, lol.

-Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud