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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm still here

I think I am beginning to learn that camera. I can't figure out why, even after a class, I am still a camera idiot. I purchased a PHD(push here dummy) camera, then another, and still another. I'm still not getting what I want on film. And that doesn't just refer to the subject matter. The format and clarity are a problem too. I'm photographing some things for ebay. I really want them to look good. I won't buy on ebay or craig's list if there isn't a pic.

By the way, I do have feet. Great large gangling size 10's. You never see them in a pic because I don't yet know how to take one with both ends in the shot. Still working on it. Before all is said and done I will probably read all of the words off the pages of the instruction book.

Today I am wearing a favorite top of mine and it is a favorite because the sleeves are long enough and it shows none of my figure. I have the requisite slinky knit pants on and with the top I have matching earrings and rings. I will begin asap to take pics of my jewelry. I have some wonderful pieces and I am proud of them. I also have several terrific bags which I'll photograph separately. The weather here is so cold today that I don't want to get out and run around. It is in the 25 degree range so I am staying home. I'm looking forward to the 40's at the end of the week, even though it is going to rain.

I have been eating a little more properly the last couple of days. My lovely daughter has lost 51 pounds with low fat dieting. I have a real problem with that. Oh, I do like a lot of the low fat foods but I need protein to keep going and then there's bacon. Bacon. And I do love bacon. So I have decided to try a new tack. I will eat bacon. And then at the same time I will eat a large serving of fat free food and some fruit. It should even out then. Christy keeps her fat below 30% and I think that is fine. It seems healthy. My downfall comes when my fat free foods are high in white flour and white sugar. Sweets. I could eat cookies, cake, and ice cream all the time. Working on that problem too.

Well, time to let the dogs out. Later.


silvergirl said...

Judy you have not even begin to believe how much pink I own.
It's sad really.
I want you to go out get something with pink in it... it will make you feel so fun and girly!

artistamyjo said...

Nice to see you around again.
Think positive,life is better then you think it is......hugs

Lorena said...

Hi Judy it's my first time here!
I cannot stop laughing at the PHD, I thought oh she's a doctor and then began to laugh at the meaning.
I take my pictures with a cel phone that has a timer.
But I am still trying to enhance them but I just dont know how, so you are not alone.
Thank you for following!
BTW I love bacon too.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-thanks so much for stopping by and its been nice to read your post, have a good weekend!