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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere

One of the new tops I got at Kohls was a dusty pink totally ruffle covered t top. I would usually have left such an item on the rack but it was on sale, and there were the ruffles. I have avoided pink for a long time, thinking it would make me look washed out. And this time, I actually bought the top in black also. You see I love ruffles but most garments have ruffles down the front and they are often quite large. So no ruffles because of the oversized girls I have on my front. And I worried for a good 2 seconds that the small all over ruffles would make me look fat. But Hey, I am fat.

I also have been looking on Overstock at the flats and I found that some I got several years ago are the same style as the ones I wore with the ruffles. I got a kick out of that. Styles coming back and all. Also there are pics of some of the jewelry. The earrings are Avon and the necklace is Mark by Avon. Avon has terrific jewelry and it lasts forever. When I saw the top a black bead necklace came to mind and I am so glad it works and that I already had one. I have so much jewelry I will be selling quite a bit of it on ebay. I can't believe how much money I spend with no thought at all. You would think I am rich. Well, not so much. I might be if I still had the money I have wasted trying to feel better about myself. Didn't work so good but the blogging is helping lots.

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Anonymous said...

good to see the smile back...:) And yes, I too am a sad sack and try to pronounce the word verification words... today phonetically speaking, it's FING, though spelt phing, an easy word for a change!