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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photography and my fashion image

I have uploaded two pics of a black and white top under which I am wearing a black cami. This is the first time I have worn a cami. But the thrifted top needed help. I also have my slinky pants on. I wish I could have jeans or something but I have no pants but the slinky ones. I know I need to do something about that. I have a large(huge) stomach and at this time I don't have muscle tone anywhere except maybe my chewing muscles. One of the comments mentioned that the slinky pants make me look larger. I know after looking at the pics that it is true. I suppose I am afraid to try on any other sort of pants. If the waist is too tight, it hurts my back. That being said, I am working out some exercises to try at home until I overcome my fear of the gym. (No clothes for that either.)

I also went to the fabric store today and bought some patterns. Time to do some sewing to tide me over till I can get into some decent pants.

I have hated my body so much that I wouldn't try on clothes. At all. Anywhere. Even in my own home. I would purchase the slinky stuff from HSN and tops several places where I would walk into the woman's dept, pick up some stuff, look at it, guess if it will fit, bring it home and try to wear it. Some has gone straight to Goodwill if I can't return it. Because I was getting bright colors and some cute tops I thought I looked good. But the problem was; standing in front of the bathroom mirror gave me a poor perspective on how I look as a whole. When my kids told me I had a flat behind, I thought they were kidding.

I have also tried to draw attention away from the body and clothes by having cute shoes, interesting handbags, and fantastic jewelry. And I do have a lot of pretty jewelry. But I even messed up there by not trying to match it to things I have before purchase. So I have a ton of jewelry that doesn't go with anything.

The second set of pics has a jacket I fell in love with on ebay. Now there is a good place to shop for certain things. I have gotten several jackets there for low prices. I think I paid $14 with shipping for this one. All I have to do now is to come up with some decent pants. And a waist. The earrings I am wearing in the pic are from Avon and I have had them well over 20 years. Love them

I was reading a fashion magazine which did an article about a jewelry designer. I know the advice she gave probably won't mean much to young women. She said,"Don't wear jewelry that can be seen across the table. Wear jewelry which can be seen across the room." Love it!!!

Thanks for listening.


Lise Marie said...

I like both the looks you have on today. The sliky black sheer one is really fabulous though! And although it is good to be fashionable, comfort is important also. You just look so happy, fashionable and comfy in the slinky pants!!! Anyway, good luck with shopping for the right fit. I usually give up buying off the rack because these dumb legs are too dang long and everything is too short. I also love the earrings from Avon, Very nice!

Kendra said...

In addition to making me feel more dressed up, I've been finding that wearing more dresses & skirts (with COMFY tights that fit nicely) is waaaay more comfy than pants, whose waistbands always restrict when I sit down. Maybe give skirts/dresses a whirl?

Maggie said...

Have you thought about longer line tops? I wear them because I have a large bust, a tummy too and am short. My legs are slimmer than my top is, and so this balances me out, and I think from the photos that you too, might be slightly smaller slimmer on the legs than the top? Longer lines tend to balance you out, get rid of the boxy look that shorter clothes tend to give, and for me, they also hide the tum and make me slimmer... easier than dieting! As Kendra said, skirts are so much easier to wear as well, though I never wear tights as I hate that trussed up feeling, so wear pretty lacy top hold ups when I go out.

Judy C said...

I did purchase a pattern for some tops that are longer. I am five ft seven inches and since bellies became popular, tops seem shorter. However, I will keep looking.