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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm back, and so tickled

I remember in the late 70's or early 80's that there was a TV show in which the oft said thing was "I love it when a plan comes together." And I remember how gorgeous the man who said it was. Do you?

AnywayI have had the top for a fairly long time. Maybe 2 years, maybe more. And I wore it with a pair of black pants. Yawn! So, today, in my quest to make better use of my clothes and to look better doing it, I started looking at it. I realized I do like the pattern, sort of an art deco thing. And I like the colors. And I like the lace on the front. And I like the length,(covers my butt) and I like the fabric, (wash and hang). So what have I been waiting for. First I found I had a pair of pants which goes well with the top. Then I noticed that a sweater(cardigan) that I ebayed from Coldwater Creek matches it. Then there were the shoes(also ebayed and Aerosoles) matched the dark red perfectly. Then the jewelry was there and it all came together. All this time not wearing it. The sweater was a fairly recent purchase, since I started working harder on the blog. And the plan came together.

On Advanced Style, one of my favorite blogs, one of the ladies said she sometimes waited years to find just the right part to complete an outfit. I don't have the patience for that but the way she does it is real eye candy. I didn't buy the sweater to use with the outfit. It just worked out that way. And I now have more reason to put a lot of thought into the purchases. The top was one I really liked when I bought it. But I was lucky it fit. Buying from ebay takes a lot of thought as to fit, use, ease of use, etc. And luck counts.


Judy C said...

By the way, The A Team was the tv show.

sharie said...

Love the co-ordinated colour look. Its a very classy style

Maggie said...

Yes, remember the A team too... you look very put together. I am amazed at the number of outfits you can put together, I have no interest in clothes, a small wardrobe both in the sense of what I wear and what I store them in. As long as I am warm in winter and cool in summer, that's all I ask of my clothes.

Donna said...

You look very well put-together indeed! I love an "aha" moment when I can mix different pieces together.

Judy C said...

Thanks for the comments. You know Maggie, I have some days that call for a little extra ooooomph. That's when I like to put some effort into my outfit. I find that it makes me feel better. I don't know why and it really doesn't matter. As long as it works. I have also found that, being prone to depression, when I don't wear any jewelry, I'm being depressed. So I try wardrobe therapy to help out.

sacramento said...

I am followin you in this blog: i am not sure it is the one I am supose to be looking at. help me here.
You have 3 blogs???

Judy C said...

I have 3 blogs. And each has changed some over time. This one has become something to document a period of attempted growth on my part. The one about not aging is about some of the things that surprise me as I age including the need to do better with finances. And the third one, the Other side is me fussing about ridiculous behaviors in the world of celebs and elsewhere. As I can have terrifically nasty things to say, I try to separate it so as to offend fewer readers. Thanks for the question.

noura. said...

how lovely!