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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Addressing Jewelry

I'd like to address the subject of jewelry. Age-wise, size-wise, color-wise, fashion-wise.

I've worked in two fine jewelry stores. I've made jewelry for many years and I have been a jewelry consumer as long as I can remember. There are so many rules????? about wearing jewelry that I am going to try to make sense of the jewelry as an accessory.

First, if it doesn't look good on you don't wear it. This is my number one rule regarding the wearing of any and all kinds of fashion and accessories.

Second, if it doesn't feel good, don't wear it. I have a ring that I love. But the way it's made, it pokes into my finger and eventually it hurts. So I haven't been wearing it. It is green turquoise and silver and I really like it. So I'm going to get some paraffin and put inside so it won't poke me. I'm hoping that helps. If I try wearing a piece of jewelry that bothers me I end up taking it off somewhere and misplacing it.

Third, if your jewelry is appropriate to your age, great. Most jewelry is ageless. This isn't true for fashion. And jewelry can make fashions look more or less fashionable. Take the trend toward vintage in fashion. Even the Anthropologie brand has offered fashion with a vintage feel but a modern twist. And thoroughly modern fashions can be worn with vintage jewels to great advantage. I am now talking about those of us who want variety but only to a point. I have several pairs of vintage earrings that go very well with my other clothes, none of which is vintage. But the problem arises when a contemporary eye is not used to assemble fashion. If the idea is to go completely vintage, go for it. If the idea is eclecticism, play with it. Then look into the mirror and see if it works. Usually a small print fashion won't look so good with very large earrings. And with large prints the small jewelry may get lost. Your mirror will tell you.

Fourth, I have a short neck, a large wrist, pudgy fingers, and a large circumference neck. In addition I have a large bust. Those realities create stoppers for me in some jewelry types. I am a large woman. I don't wear small pendants. They tend to disappear on me. I have a short and wide neck. Chokers are out, way out. Not only do they shorten me further, they are uncomfortable to me. Also because of my short neck, I don't wear large earrings and large necklaces together. There is no distance between the two and it really looks weird. They tend to blend. I love the look of lots of bracelets and big watches on the young women in the blogs. But they don't look as good on me. First, I can't get bangles on because of my big hands, and they seem to point out the pudge. And finally, I'd love to wear lots of rings. I have lots of rings. But I don't have rings for my largest fingers. So I have a limit.

Fifth, there are all colors of jewelry. Metal colors now include brown, black, rose, green, silver, gold, etc. I don't show silver off to its best advantage because of my skin tone. So I will either mix metals, or wear different make-up to compensate. I do have some silver toned earrings I love. And of course I have to work with the colors of the fashions and of the jewelry. For instance, I may put an orange necklace with a pink top on purpose and it might look terrific. But I think when mixing this way it works better if there is a tie in like a belt, print top, or some other accessory.

Sixth and last, there are a few tricks to taking care of your jewelry. One is the toothbrush cleaning. Another is using clear nail polish to stop metals from changing color or irritating your skin. One should never, I repeat never, soak pearls in jewelry cleaner. A soft cloth is needed here. Don't wear gold jewelry into chlorinated water often. The water may break down the joints. Keep silver pieces in silver cloth just like flatware. And do keep your jewelry in such a way that you are able to see the pieces and don't forget about them.


Ofelia said...

Judy, thanks for some great tips. The toothpaste one is I had use before.
I believe that jewelry is ageless, you can wear the same thing that a person in her 20's of 80's wear. Its all in how you put your outfit together.
By the way, I have a similar turquoise necklace!
Have a lovely week,

cheeky curves said...

Thank you for the cleaning tips

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Judy! I'm terrible with jewelry — I tend to wear the same three necklaces every few days — but I'm making it a goal to branch out a bit more. Take some risks! Thanks for the inspiration.

Amber Blue Bird said...

"if it doesnt look good dont wear it" such a simple rule but so true. Some folks get caught up in a trend and wear jewelry that does not flatter them. You are always spot on with your choices.

Judy C said...

Amber, and others who commented. I don't consider myself an expert by any means. But I do try to crystallize what works for me and hope it will work for others. Thanks for your comments.

Taylor said...

Great tips! Loving the necklace pics you posted up top - I am a sucker for a bold, bright necklace.

Kish said...

These are gorgeous pieces! I especially love the turquoise on top of the purple!