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Friday, April 29, 2011

He said he likes it

I totally fell in love with the colors and print of this top. I ordered some white pants but they aren't here yet and since the top is pretty warm, I had to go ahead and wear it while the weather is cool. I combined it with black pants and shoes that match. And I am wearing yet another pair of earrings from Avon. I feel as if the top makes me look huge but it's such a pretty one I don't care.

The Royal wedding is all over the news today. I am pleased to see such an elegant wedding dress. I really like it.

Friday- ah yes.


Amber Blue Bird said...

the print on your blouse is lovely and you have such a beautiful smile. Your pictures always make me smile :)

Judy C said...

Amber Blue Bird left a message that makes my day. Please check out her blog. She's a sweetheart.

Ofelia said...

Judy, lovely photos and I'm just watching the wedding re-runs.
Have a nice weekend,