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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They changed something. So I'll try to get with the program. First I want to see if I can do something.

I feel almost like I'm coming back to life after the last couple of weeks. Losing Shadow is still a sharp pain. There aren't many people in my life on a regular basis. I am an only child with my sig other and 3 kids + spouses + grandkids who don't live here. My dog was truly like a real human person in my life. There is a big hole there now. Bloggers have helped a lot. Still, there's a hole. And like you can't replace a lost human loved one with another, so you can't replace a pet.

I am so grateful for the friendship of my sig other's mother. Since Brian and I are definitely not close in age, his mom and I are. She has become a good friend. She brought me flowers, yellow ones with little yellow roses and it should be clear that my color for brightening up stuff this year is yellow. Her choice was serendipity. I love them and her visit.

I received the jacket/sweater that I had on in the pics from ebay. It wasn't really a sweater but more of the slinky knit I wear a lot of. And the color really was wonderful. I'm so glad the necklace goes with it. I have several of the slab necklaces. They rang my chimes last year and they are an example of my overdoing things. Of course if one is good, more is better. I'm learning to control those nasty urges a little better.

Got to go let the dogs out. Happy day!!!!!
Now I'll try to explain something I don't understand. I wrote a blog entry. The message from blogspot was that I've been doing something wrong editing. I wasn't editing. So then I thought it disappeared. But only the pics disappeared. So I went to compose and there was the button for pics so I uploaded them again. Then I went to find if anything was saved on the log. I copied the blog I wrote and pasted it. Then the pics were already there. By the way, I have a huge vocabulary to use when the computer makes me mad. Be grateful you're not here.


Birdie said...

I still miss my cat Harriet after 6 years. I have another cat now and I love him to pieces but I still miss Harriet. A lot.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Hope you start feeling brighter every day! Much Love! ~Serene

Amber Blue Bird said...

I cant imagine losing my pup, I am so sorry for your loss.

Lorena said...

How very nice of her to visit and bring you flowers.
I hope you are better.

Ofelia said...

Judy, is hard to say anything at times because a loss is hard to deal with even when people are there supporting us.
Love the pictures of you on the balcony!
Take care,

uhooi said...

great pictures!!xx
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Lesa said...

Judy, thanks for the sweet comment about my little Jia. Our family is so used to it that it surprises us when someone stares or even asks. And I surely don't mind telling people about the plight of little girls in China. Jia was left in a train station at the age of 1 year. We adopted her at 3--open heart surgery, rebuilding a hip and a tethered spinal cord later she is a happy bouncy 1st grader.

I want you to know that I had a kitty named Jesse ore marriage pre kids and he was my first baby. When he died at the age of 20! I held him in my arms and cried like a baby. This may sound weird, but I got his ashes and they sit in a pretty box on my dresser. I am so sorry for your loss and I know that animals are our "little sons and daughters" I pry for your little cat and I believe they wait for us (sorry-I get sad) The yellow flowers are beautiful and such a cheerful color. Take care!