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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello Miscelaneous

I needed a short break from the color confusion I am having. It's Spring. Isn't it? Will someone tell Mother Freakin Nature to fix this. And I'm not even talking about the heavy snows in the northern parts of the country. We had 3 hours of sun yesterday. 3 hours between cold and cloudy and cold and rainy. Three hours. Then I woke up last night to the sound of rain blowing up against the side of the house. And It's Cold. And it's April. Somehow I think Mother Freakin Nature has been April fooling for the last couple of weeks. The Forsythia has bloomed. The trees have bloomed. Cherry and other. The Jonquils have bloomed. The tulips and the dogwood trees are starting to bloom. And it's COLD. Yeah. Cold.

I wore a brown outfit that I hadn't had on in over a year. More specifically, I wore a brown top. Brown is how I felt Thursday. Because it's Cold. And I've found that SAD can continue on into the Spring if the sun fails in it's duties. And I've found that the less sun we have, the madder I get. Aren't you glad you don't live with me?
The brown was muddy, like the weather outside and like my mood. And of course, Cheyenne had to say hi right at the time the pic was taken.

Friday I woke up determined to brighten up and feel more energy. I finally put on the patterned sweater I had gotten at Kohls. I felt so feminine and happy. And then there were 3 whole hours of sun. Things were definitely looking up. Then the clouds came back, I finished cleaning the kitchen floor, my back hurt and I just growled at the dogs for tracking in mud. We must do something about the back yard. I have a plan. I just have to talk him into it.

I have been checking out some of the decorating and vintage blogs. There are some really beautiful homes out there. I am anxious to work on my home. I have put it off long enough. The basic structure is great but I am definitely not satisfied with much of the house. It'll be good for me to paint, etc. The problem is that with this weather I'm wanting to paint everything yellow and white. Not bad for a small area but can you imagine a totally yellow and white house? Yeech

I have included a pic of the Devil Dog including red eyes. I don't have a clue how to get rid of it. And I am wearing black loafer style shoes like some red ones I have.

I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon Tuesday. I'll find out about the surgery then. Fingers crossed.


Ofelia said...

Judy its nice to see you out in the sun and smiling!!
Good luck on Tuesday with the orthopedic surgeon!!!

Daphne said...

Cute photos. I love the photo of your profile the best. You are smiling through your eyes. The doggie is so cute.
Good luck with the Dr appt.

Nanniepannie said...

Thank you so much for visiting Nanniepannie's and becoming a follower, please visit often and leave a comment whenever the mood strikes you. Love the little black cat on your sidebar.

Colleen said...

Glad to see you made it outside.
I took a few days off of Color Rotation myself but those days I didn't even get dressed.