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Friday, April 15, 2011

When you can't do anything else

I went out to a store today. I can walk some and needed a couple of things so I thought why not? Why not is that I am evidently very messed up physically. Either I am not eating enough or something. Getting lightheaded and falling down in a store isn't a great idea so I came home.

So now what can I do? Bored. Cabin fever. Need to pass some time. Ah, Roberto Cavalli has always been my go to man for gorgeous fabrics. And he came through like a champ with that part of the new fashion look. But I have a problem with models who look like they have cooking oil on their hair. Since I was finally able to shower this morning and wash my hair, I was truly grateful to get rid of that look. I'd give anything if someone would tell me why a designer would send the dirty hair look down the runway with fashions that cost thousands of dollars. I can't help but wonder what the message is.


The Elegant Bohemian said...

Honestly, the hair and makeup on the runways is perplexing. So often it's REALLY unflattering. But you were right on with the fabrics! BEATIFUL!! I'm a Valentino fan myself! Hugs and hope you get to feeling better right away. ~Serene

Ofelia said...

Judy, very insightful point about the models. Roberto Cavalli clothes are amazing, but that hair and make up reminds me of the early dracula movies!
I hope you start to feel better with every passing day,

Trisha said...

I agree :) I have never understood it either. The look sure doesn't make me want to buy the clothes!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

So sorry you are home bound. But enjoy the freedom to browse the web I guess. Those dresses are great.