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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dontcha just love a bargain.

Today I'm wearing the sweater I got on sale at Walmart. I found a tank to go with it and I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I'm also wearing a brand spanking new Avon necklace. Offered in the current book. I just love it.

Todays slinky pants are from Slinky Brand, also on HSN. I like another brand better but the color drew me in. I am definitely a sucker for purples. And it looks like I have decided that mixing metals is fine too. Silver necklace, shoes and earrings; gold and rose gold rings. Oh well, if I like it I'll wear it.

It's Spring enough to wear the shoes and I'm glad. An ebay purchase, they are totally comfortable and the cutouts are still in style. And my feet don't get cold easily so I'm good. I still haven't figured out how someone can be cold enough to wear a big puffy ski jacket and still wear flip flops. I saw it the other day and it looks odd to me.

It's the weekend. I am going to start looking into putting away my heaviest winter stuff this weekend. I think it will be fun when I can start looking at what I have stored of the summer clothes. My mind isn't so good so it may be a surprise.


Ofelia said...

It's a great idea to start getting ready for Spring. It will come faster when you begin to think about it!

Donna said...

The outfit looks great on you! Haven't checked out Avon's jewelry for a while...might have to do that. Think I'll wait a few more weeks before storing the heavy stuff. Indiana's weather can be tricky.