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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am green and blue today

Yesterday I was green. I said to myself when this color challenge started,"No big deal. I have a closet packed with clothes." And I do have a closet packed with clothes. But I have mostly patterned tops or black tops. Yesterday I had to wear a patterned top. It's green. That's as far as it went. If I were Irish I'd be completely disowned. So anyway, I have one more green top, short sleeved. And I like the one I wore but as it gets warmer here it will be put away. Anyway, it appears I should pay more attention to green. On to blue. Short sleeved navy top with khaki colored pants and gold jewelry. How's that for innovative. I have had to reassess my closet and I'm going to spend some time thrifting and looking for some green and blue.

I've bought several books about altering, repurposing, and reusing clothing. As I go through my closets(yep, several closets) I'm going to try to get the brain cells oriented toward redoing some of the things I have.

I have been really tired this weekend. I have a bad knee and I've been missing sleep over it. Not feeling so hot, hence the seated pics. Also, I have absolutely no idea how to pose for pics. I feel like a total idiot grinning and moving around in front of a camera. But I'm going to keep trying.

Last, but not least is a pic of Devil Dog. She will be 5 months old on the 26th. I am still a sucker for the blue eyes. And she is a really sweet natured dog. She is totally afraid of the grill. I think it's hilarious.

I'm still praying and sending love and good vibes to Japan and I haven't forgotten New Zealand. I think it's important to remember that we live in one world, all of us.

Peace to all those who need it.


Ofelia said...

Judy, the green blouse is fabulous!
By the way you can always use your accessories for the color of the day!!
I hope you feel better and I like your honesty regarding how to pose!!
I like the chair photos a lot!

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Most of my art isn't that frightening, but it's all a little odd! I told my daughter exactly what you said about takeing a photo, she said, "wait till there's no one home...fix your make and hair the way "YOU" think you look good and then take at least 50 photos. Do not use a flash, get near a warm lighted lamp. You can make any face you want when no one's watching and think about being attractive or sexy or playful. Then go through all those pics...she said I might find one out of 50 I am really happy with. But I gotta was fun! I like the blouse too!

Lorena said...

Hi Judy thank you for your comment :)
I will not ask why you call that cute puppy "Devil Dog" I can only imagine...
BTW I think that blue brings out the color of your eyes and I still feel like an idiot posing. Specially in public :(

Colleen said...

See the challenge seems easy but is hard. It makes me realize I want to buy stuff every time. I'm surprised how little green I have too. In the past year I've gotten more green though.