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Monday, March 28, 2011


Being from Knoxville Tennessee, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, you would think my orange options would be many and varied. But alas, I don't like the orange of the university. It looks awful on me. And while I do hope the teams do well, especially the Lady Vol basketball team, I'm not going to wear a color I don't like.

This brings me to the color of orange I do like. For many years I didn't like orange at all. After all, I was an adult during the olive green kitchen appliance era, during the gold kitchen appliance era, during the orange and green shag carpet era, etc. While this might perk up the ears of vintage lovers everywhere, I am so over that stuff that for many years I wouldn't wear gold, green, or orange in any color. And no, I would not willingly use those colors in my kitchen again. In a way I am surprised that things weren't different. After all, tie dye and denim were often the colors of choice to wear, along with Gucci prints and bohemian styles. Denim kitchen, now that would have been interesting. And can't you just see a pink, purple and black Gucci refrigerator?

So I love orange now. But it has to have a little pink or red in it. More of a peachy or salmon color. I haven't got a lot of color in my skin now that I have aged a bit. But you know, that's fine because I am not limited in color choices by skin tone. I still won't be wearing chartreuse. I look dead. But with the exception of bluish red, I can wear most things. It's all a matter of make up. If I wear a dark color, I'd better have on make up and strong colored make up at that. In other words, liner for the eyes, eye shadow, and blush along with a lip color that goes with.

The top I'm wearing in the pic comes from Carolyn Strauss at HSN as do the pants. The shoes are HSN via ebay. The necklace is from Karla Jordan. I seem to be wearing a lot of her pieces lately. She created some truly gorgeous things and I had more money then. The pieces are about 25 years old. And really good for today. The piece is carved natural stone with natural stone beads. One of a kind and irreplaceable.

The rest of the jewelry is fairly inexpensive stuff I picked up here and there, don't really remember. But I do like it for the color.

You see, orange is not so bad.

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beatrice said...

That shade of orange is very flattering on you.
Love the necklace!