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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did an 80's thing and I liked it

The outer blouse I am wearing in the pic has shoulder pads. I really like the way they make my neck look smaller, at least to me. The outer shirt was thrifted for $2.99 and when I bought it I figured on taking out the pads. The shirt is too large for me and I love the colors and the pattern so I am wearing it anyway. I am trying to figure out what to do with it if I lose weight. I'm thinking maybe a vest. As I said the colors and fabric hit a home run with me. The rest of the outfit is the normal slinky HSN stuff and the necklace is again an avon one. I do make jewelry but the avon jewelry is right on the money and I get it for a good price. I actually have a necklace and some earrings that I have had for 20 years and they look as good as new.

The handbags are the beginning of my several part series on growing up through handbags. They are recent additions to my wardrobe and I love them. I only paid full price for one. The teal green one I got from Craigslist for $25 and I waited till it came down from 60. It is a totally leather Jessica Simpson bag and is one of the best made bags I own. The purple is Carlos Falci and is also 100% leather. I prefer leather bags, don't know why. The price on this one was $29 with shipping. I love purple. The mustard yellow is Tignanello. QVC. Full price. Leather and one of the easier bags I have to use. Builtins hold just about everything. I should never watch HSN or QVC because I do really well on things thrifted as I did on the two bags I showed previously. I am talking about bags because they are a long standing interest of mine. I think partly because the bag works no matter how fat you become. But I will show in some later posts that I was also trying to appease myself for my shortcomings by shopping. And as I said, the size didn't matter. I have been through and out the other side of caring if a garment or accessory has a well known label. I'll explain all of that later.

I really want to welcome all of the readers who have joined my blog. I find myself trying harder to find interesting things to include rather than let you down. It's good for me. If anyone wants to know anything about something I write feel free to ask.

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Ofelia said...

Judy, I love your bags! I collect them for many years now! What some women have for their shoes I have it for my bags.