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Friday, March 18, 2011

Yellow today, green tomorrow

I have been pictured in the top before but this is a definite remix. I love yellow. I never thought I could wear yellow so I never bought yellow. Now, I bought yellow because of the cold snowy winter we had. I need to infuse a yellow attitude into every aspect of my being. I need to put the smiling attitude to the forefront. I don't think it's an accident that the smiley face is yellow. I can't frown when I see a beautiful forsythia bush. Given my penchant for wearing black this is indeed a wonderful change.


Ofelia said...

Judy, I love you on yellow!
And by know you should know that is one of my favorite colors!
Also, I have a necklace that looks juts like yours!!!

Daphne said...

THis looks great. Blue necklace looks lovely on the yellow. I wore a blue necklace with my yellow cardi today as well.

Donna said...

You look good in yellow and I love the blue with it. The whole outfit is very cheerful!

Judy C said...

I am finding that turquoise jewelry seems to go with just about everything. I do love it. My daughter likes silver and loves turquoise and it looks terrific on her.

Colleen said...

I never really bought yellow either. I didn't think I looked good in it but now I got a few yellow pieces and love them.

I almost wore yellow and blue but realized I wore orange and blue so I shouldn't wear blue with so many things in a row

Lorena said...

Very pretty, I particularly like that last picture :)