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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shocked by a hawk

I was taking pics yesterday and set up on the deck. I was wearing the shirt set from ebay in one of my favorite colors when a hawk screamed overhead. They are so beautiful but rarely in town. Anyway you can see how happy I was to see him. A red tail hawk. I was also wearing a fabulous necklace, a one of a kind from now defunct Karla Jordan. And HSN blue shoes. I can't express how happy I was both from the color of the blouses and the hawk. I wish I could have caught him on camers. There I go saying him when it could have been female. I suppose I just think of predators as male. I was also carrying a handmade purse from Patricia Barrett. She sold on etsy. I am not sure she's still there but her taste is super.

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Amber Blue Bird said...

that must have been quite a sight! You look lovely in that blouse, the color suits you well