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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm in the red again.

The red top I'm wearing is at least 10 years old. The store has been out of business that long. And Old Faithful the sweater is with me again as are the black pants. But I am wearing a bone necklace which was a one of a kind from Karla Jordan. Also out of business. The necklace is made from bone, some of which is dyed red. And I have had it too for at least 10 years. Maybe even over 20. I havent' ever worn it. See what a blog can do.

My shoes are red patent leather with gold buckles. From HSN. I like their shoes because I can get them over the internet and they fit. Really fit well. And I love red shoes even though I haven't had a lot of red clothes. By the way the earrings are a dyed natural stone and also from Karla Jordan. I had more money then. I Do Not like to wear a large, imposing necklace with large earrings. I think my neck is so short that there is not enough separation between the pieces. Just me thinking.

Spring has sprung. Somewhere. Expecting heavy rains this weekend. Fun, huh?


Ofelia said...

Judy the red bone necklace is so cool and I love you red flats!!!!
Very nice way to start a weekend!!

Daphne said...

Those loafers are so adorable and love your necklace.
I finally posted my round 1 color rotation challange photos.