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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yellow, I love yellow.

Yellow is such a pretty color for Spring. I love a full on sunny yellow. I love a bright buttercup yellow. In the Spring. In the early summer. But I find as the summer wears on and gets hotter and hotter I shy away from bright yellow, orange, red, or any other color I might associate with heat. So I am really glad for the opportunity to wear the yellow now. As a matter of fact, I already have my next yellow rotation outfit planned.

I have a serious aversion to heat. Part of the problem may be my weight. But I have always been adversely affected by heat and humidity. I think aqua is my favorite color. But I did yellow and turquoise. So this time I paired the yellow with purple. Also HSN, the pants have pockets which is unusual. I don't usually like pockets. But I do like the pants for the color and the fact that the fabric isn't shiny. It perfectly matches the shoes I got at a Ross shoe sale for $9. The watch is Avon. I made the earrings.

A word about the top. I purchased the top because I liked the color, the fabric, and the embroidery. The sleeves and the bottom of the top were gathered. I hate tight sleeves and elastic pulling at my arms. And around the bottom. So I cut the elastic out and hemmed the sleeves and bottom by hand. The result is a slightly belled sleeve and a really comfortable top. See I don't have a clue where I got it. It has been here quite a while and was unworn. So fixing was the only option. And it worked. Tomorrow I'll try to love green. But it's raining. And nasty cool outside. I'm in the mood to stay in bed. I'll try to love green and think of soft grass.


Sheryl Parsons said...

I love yellow as well! It has to be the right shade for me to wear, but this time of year, yellow is good. I've been in a lavender sort of mood lately, but found a very pretty yellow top the other day, and bought it as I was in the mood for some brightness.

Colleen said...

Very nice with yellow and purple. I have literally never thought of wearing them together.

I don't like heat either. My face turns red. Sometimes my eyes glaze over and I feel like I'm going to pass out. I've been this way since at least 3rd grade... that's the first time I remember the almost passing out thing.