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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For my age

I have been following at least 100 fashion blogs. I have a few things to say about my take on them.

I wear pants most of the time. I am glad I wear pants most of the time. I can't stand hose, panty hose, or tights. Especially tights because they seem to grab the sorts of fabrics I prefer and I end up looking like I need a dryer sheet. And when I look at pictures of ladies in the upper age eschelon, they don't wear tights either. I don't think I need them living in Tennessee because the weather here is rarely awfully cold and when it is, I can stay home. I do love stockings. I don't know if it's because of my advanced years but stockings do seem girly.

I have tried some little bitty cardigans. They can look cute on girls with a waist and who can belt them. They look like I got too small a size. As luck would have it, I have been able to find some sweaters that I like that don't make me look squeezed.

I have two belts. Both recently purchased. I have a huge stomach. Belts emphasize that. I'm glad they were thrifted because unless something changes they will never be seen.

One of the rules I have read for years is that dainty jewelry gets lost on heavy girls. And I sure am glad there is a lot of sizeable jewelry out there now.

Posing does seem to change a lot with age. I can't make myself stand with my toes together. They don't naturally go that way. It seems to be a girl thing. I on the other hand, can't find a natural feeling pose to use on a regular basis. I guess I'll have to keep trying.

Boots are something that thankfully, I don't have to worry about for a while. I usually can't wear boots because if they are the least bit tight in the foot part, I lose all sensation in my toes. Then there is the problem that my feet don't get cold. Ever. Never ever. Unless I am really really sick. Once that I can remember. So with warm feet and hands, no boots, no gloves.

I think a lot of scarves are beautiful. Big bulky ones are a blessing for those who live in the north where the weather is very cold. I don't wear them. I have a short neck, am rarely cold, have a large bust, and feel overwhelmed by them. Oh, I do wear scarves when I go out in really cold weather. But working around the scarf thing is something I must do. They really bug me when I try to wear them. I would like to find a way to wear them as an accessory by Fall, when I might need one.

Heels. Some people can wear heels and would feel odd in flats. Some wear the booty heels with the toes cut out. Some have platforms and heels. I'm not short and if I fall, getting me back up isn't easy. I wear flats.

Given those wardrobe rules, I just keep on keeping on trying to be sort of stylisn for a person my age.


Judy C said...

I did not post this to offend anyone. There are simply things in someof the other blogs that I can't pull off. And yet I still would like to have a stylish look. I'm working on how to do it.

Natasha said...

I think you're doing a good job...I love the colours you wore together in this outfit!
Instead of a cardigan you should try a structured blazer..I think you would look great it on, and it would be quite slimming (a great blazer gives the appearance of curves in all the right places!).

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Judy, it's so funny to see someone else's take on fashion blogs! Of course, depending on the day, my observations on fashion blogging range anywhere from complete self absorbtion to doing my part of save the world! LOL I've tried to wear some thimes other bloggers wear. The colored tights? Just not feeling it. The Jessica Simpson platform heels? I'll pass. But as I try some of these things, I ask myself, "Serene, are you inspired or are you trying to fit in?" Often times I was just trying to fit in....but then that just makes me like everyone else!

I really enjoyed reading this! You look lovely and best of all, you know yourself! No one does Judy better than you girly! ~Serene

Judy C said...

The comments from 2 girls I consider gorgeous make me feel Wowza. Made my day.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Judy, it's one of my favorites! I love your pictures because they show so much personality — I always crop out my face because I think I look silly on camera, but you totally rock it.
I know what you mean about scarves — I avoided them forever because I had no idea what to do with them. I started trying them out recently, though, and after the first wear I got hooked. I found that the easiest way to start was to find a pattern with a color I wear a lot. I wear a lot of basic black shirts, so when I found a floral scarf with black in it, wearing it was no problem. Give it a try! Good luck!