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Friday, March 11, 2011

My other children

I have told my wonderful readers that I have 3 children and I do. I have 3 human children. I also have 3 furperson children. For those of you that don't care for dogs, you can stop reading now.

The pic of the dog in a chair is the latest pic of my precious Shadow. She was black. Now she is almost 14 years old and she is gray. Shadow was so named because she accompanied me everywhere. Literally. Like having children again, she went outside, inside, to bed, to the bathroom, etc. like a baby duck. She is the smartest fur person I have ever met. She is the most precious soul that I could ever wish to know. She is old. Shadow can no longer hear me call her. She doesn't hear when I tell her how much I love her. But she still follows me when she has the energy. And she still sees well enough to ober hand signals. She has tumors. She has lost weight to the point that I can feel her bones. Food is out for her all of the time but she doesnt' seem very hungry. I love her.

The other two kids are a Welsh Corgi named Cody and Cheyenne, otherwise known as devil dog or hell hound. Cody is short. Really short. And one of the funniest animals I have ever been around. Corgis are super pets. And they are not quite as hard headed as the human kids. Cheyenne is four and a half months old. She is half Blue Heeler and half Husky. She has blue eyes. She is in need of a lot more exercise than I have been able to provide. First there was cold which didn't bother her but did bother me. Now it seems to rain constantly. And her huge feet can track in massive amounts of mud. But oh, those blue eyes.

I don't have kids at home. I am retired. I wonder if I will live through having the devil dog. Pray for sun.

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Anne said...

Awwww, what adorable dogs you have! I definitely feel like my dog is family, so I love this post :)